Research Headlines

UF Health virtual human intervention allows for colorectal cancer screening from home

UF researchers discover marine natural product off Florida’s coast that could help fight cancer

UF cancer drug receives FDA clearance for clinical trials

Discovery of dual-degrading compound could pave way for more effective cancer drugs

Genetic testing for hereditary breast, ovarian cancer risks now part of routine care at UF Health

UF creates antibacterial agents to help eradicate antibiotic-resistant bacteria

New study associates dense breasts in older women with heightened breast cancer risk

UF Health now using precision radiation procedure for eye cancer

Thyroid cancer overdiagnosis might be addressed through better patient-doctor conversations

Genetic mutation could play role in improving leukemia treatment, UF Health researchers find

University of Florida Health, NVIDIA develop artificial intelligence model to hasten clinical trials

New pediatric cancer trial to test immunotherapy combination

UF Health Developing New Bladder Cancer Therapeutic